Unlearn your MBA

ALT TEXT Real talk from on small business from someone who’s done it . . .

If you know who Jason Fried is then you’ve been there done that. But if you don’t know who he is then you probably have no idea who David Heineimeier Hansson is. Well they’re behind 37 Signals, who’s behind Basecamp, the web-based project management tool that’s revolutionized more than the project management universe and Mr Hansson is the developer who essentially built it (and Ruby on Rails BTW).

These guys are WAY ahead of the curve, ALWAYS. Mr Hansson recently gave a lecture at Standford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner, entitled “Unlearn Your MBA” – and in it, there’s some serious pearls about starting/running your own small business. I’ve embedded it below, but for some reason it loads like a video, but it’s only “audio”, so don’t let the still video frame fool you.

The 37 Signals guys have also written a book that arrives in a view days, called “Rework” learn more about it here.

Their first book “Getting Real” was about building web applications and it was available primarily as a download. Like I said – ahead of the curve.

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