2 Bits, 4 Bits, no actually 8 BITS!!!!

ALT TEXT We can’t wait for this . . .

If you remember what “Aladdin’s Castle” was, then you probably spent some part of your formidable years in the late 70’s & 80’s. Which means, after watching this you will fill up with nostalgia as you think back to dropping tokens (or actual quarters if you go way back) in the likes of Missile Command, Galaga, or Defender, while sipping your Orange Julius, sporting your new button fly 501’s you just got from Miller’s Outpost.

Remember that?

Well, welcome back, not watch this and be transported right back to the time you just came from, then stroll over to the official site and you can actually play the game:
Wreck It Ralph.

p.s. Kudos for the inspired casting of the great, John C. Reilly.

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