“Roll In The Dough”

ALT TEXTDirect Mail / Web / Flash / Copy
Client: Ad Giants / CiCi’s Pizza

Again working with Dallas-based agency, Ad Giants, and again with Cici’s Pizza, we were tasked with building another web-based direct mail campaign, however this time the target was potential franchisee’s.

The “recipe” for this this little gem, started with a Rolling Pin, literally. We printed a Personal URL (or PURL for those really late to the party) on a tag and attached it to a Rolling Pin, and that was the mail piece. The PURL drove them to a Flash-Based website that hit each potential Franchisee with CiCi’s value prop, and like I said before CiCi’s is the best pizza value . . . wait for it . . . anywhere.

Click on the thumbs to embiggun’ or see it live here.