“Name Tag”

ALT TEXTApp / Identity
Client: Spark Crowd

So a little shameless self promotion, but promotion nonetheless. This year we, along with about a thousand other companies, dove into the world of App development. Spark Crowd came to us to help them with an idea for a VERY intriguing game/app that helps people meet other people in “real life“, not just in the digital one.

We were all over it! So we partnered with them and have literally helped with nearly every phase of the application, although the majority of it revolves around the brand and design. It’s an ongoing process, that will no doubt see many changes, but we’re excited about where this may go in 2011. We’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime you can learn more about the game here.

I’ve shared some screenshots from version 1 below, but to see it live please download the game (right now it’s only available for iPhone) by going to the app store and searching for Name Tag Game.

Click on the thumbs to embiggun’.