“Office Superhero”

ALT TEXTLead Gen / Direct Mail / Copy
Client: VLG / Surf Control

VLG asked us to come up with a direct mail concept for their client Surf Control.

Surf Control offers a wide range of web security products, so we thought it would be cool if we made the targets feel like using Surf Control’s solutions gave them “Superpowers”. This gave way to the Office Superhero concept. We started out by sending each target a 3″ button featuring a “Power Up” symbol (which tied into some existing branding), along with a small card, containing the personalized URL. Once each target logged on to their personal site, they were asked how they would utilize their new found “super powers.” After we flushed out the concept and copy, the VLG folks took care of the rest.

You can view the direct mail piece and each page of the site by clicking on the images below, or you can see it in all its glory here.

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