“Spot a Giant”

ALT TEXTLead Gen / Direct Mail / Copy
Client: VLG / Ad Giants

We worked with VLG and Ad Giants to develop a concept, copy and personalized direct mail invitation for a new campaign promoting Ad Giants’ new online brand management solution.

Using “Giant” literally, we developed “Spot a Giant”. It targeted medium to large size companies who struggle to “stay on top” of their marketing and advertising in a landscape filled with competition. Alas there is a “Giant” among them who can help.

The direct mail invitation featured a Polaroid of our old friend Bigfoot, along with a compass and a map. The map featured the personal URL, which drove the target to the site. We developed the concept, invitation, and copy. VLG did the rest.

Click on the images below to see the direct mail piece and screen shots. You can see the whole thing for real here.

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