“Bill Cochran – Children’s Author”

ALT TEXT Identity/Web
Client: Bill Cochran

Bill Cochran, or “The” Bill Cochran as it states on his domain (BillCochran.com was taken) is a Children’s author, who wanted a logo and website. So we gave him both.

After his first book, “The Forever Dog“, was a success, Bill wanted to amp up the branding for the release of his second book, “My Parents are Divorced, My Elbows have Nicknames, & Other Facts About Me

We talked a lot about what he wanted to convey with his brand, and we both decided playful was the way to go. We incorporated his “hand-drawn” caricature into logo, and then just ran with the “hand-drawn” theme for his site. We actually drew the whole thing by hand, then scanned it in and worked a little photoshop magic. The rollover’s are pretty cool as we made the “hand-drawn” elements turn into the real thing.

Check out the logo below and a few screen shots from the site, or peep the whole thing here.

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