“McKinney Summer Musicals”

Client: McKinney Summer Musicals

McKinney Summer Musicals was looking to update the web presence, they looked no further than their own backyard. We call McKinney home, and we were glad to help. Actually, the relationship grew naturally from much of the “Pro Bono” work we do for them (we love the arts). We wanted to give them an updated look, that still held some classic “Musical” elements. We finally landed on the “Sheet Music” inspired design that you see below. We built the site around Word Press, giving them an easy-to-use content management system, which allows them to make updates on the fly.

If you’ve never seen a show, we highly recommend it – the production value & quality is amazing, they truly are redefining community theater.

See a still of the site, and one of the logos we’ve done for their productions below, then hit the live site at MckinneySummerMusicals.com.

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