“HRFix On Demand”

ALT TEXTWeb / Identity
Client: HRFix On Demand

Our existing client, HRFix, an HR & Compliance company, wanted to create an “off-the-shelf / self service” version of their business which utilized some of the packages, tools, and services they’re already offering to their more service-orientated clients. And with that, HRFix On Demand was born. We worked with their existing logo and branding, simplified it, then built it around a “single, one-touch button” idea.

We then created the rest of the site design around that concept, while still adhering to the overarching idea of “the #1 Prescription for Compliance”, hence the “RX”.

See the logo and stills below (click to embiggun), then hit the live site at HRFixOnDemand.

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