“The Guitar Sanctuary”

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Client: The Guitar Santcuary

The Guitar Sanctuary is a new online and retail custom guitar and amp shop that needed an identity and brand. They wanted to capture two things. First, they wanted something that really represented their personal style and was a direct reflection of the mood and atmosphere of the store they were building. Second, they wanted it to capture the look and feel of a truly custom boutique, as far removed from the mega-chain as possible. A place where fellow musicians could call home.

Because we had delivered for them before on other projects, the gurus behind Guitar Sanctuary called us. Once they shared their vision for the store with us, we knew exactly where to go.

After developing the logo, we did several print ads and their website. They were very please with the results. The website is a full blown e-commerce site, which we designed and then used Volusion (A 3rd party e-commerce solution provider) to supply the e-comm back end. We also helped them with the layout of their you tube channel.

Although guitar-lovers beware you might not want to leave.

Click on the thumbs to embiggun’ or visit their site here.

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