“Sean Kingston Fan Club”

Client: Bamsmash / VLT / Sean Kingston

BamSmash provides bands and musicians with solutions that blend social media strategies, ticketing, digital fan clubs & VIP access to create the ultimate fan experience. They contacted us to help them design a fan club site for pop artist Sean Kingston.

This was a fun project. First off we had excellent source material. We took A LOT of inspiration from Sean Kingston’s website (check it out here, it’s awesome), then pulled in some Old-School, 80’s Hip Hop, inspired flavor (see gold chain), and then threw in some of Sean’s unique heritage (see flags). Once we had the design done, we handed it over to long-time collaborator VLT, who supplied the back-end development.

We were pleased with the end result and so is the client, we hope Sean’s fan’s enjoy it as much as we enjoyed designing it.

Click on the image below to imbiggun! Or visit the live site here, although you have to join to view most of the content.

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